A collage of helical gear,oil filling machine and laboratory test tube

Registered and Certified Lubricants for the Food Industry

Lubricants for the Food and Beverage Industry

The requirements for lubricants for the food and beverage industry are as diverse as the food itself. It is sometimes produced under extremely high temperatures of over 200 ° C or extremely low temperatures of up to -40 ° C. In order to protect metal or plastic surfaces, the lubricants used must be resistant to temperature, acid, alkali, water and surfactants.

As a manufacturer, TUNAP offers a high-performance and food-grade portfolio of separating agents, lubricants, cleaners and surface protection products, which were developed especially for the food and beverage industry. In addition to the high technical requirements, we focus on hygiene, product safety and meet certification standards.

TUNAP products used in the food and beverage industry are NSF registered and meet Kosher and Halal requirements.