Perfectly matched set of green spray cans in a workshop

Maintenance Sprays

Human Technology | TUNAP Professional

TUNAP Human Technology®

Young mechanic presenting a set of well matched green spray cans

Make the Workshop World a Better Place!

TUNAP Human Technology® offers the perfect harmony between human needs and modern technology. Our newly developed range of daily-use maintenance products not only provide maximum effectiveness and functionality but pay special attention to users’ health. Many workers will regularly handle maintenance and cleaning products throughout their working lives. And naturally want to do so with no impact to their overall health. We know that you view employee wellbeing as a priority. So why not provide your teams with the very best working environment – every day – with TUNAP Human Technology®.

Well matched set of green spraycans

Health and Environment

TUNAP Human Technology® is the one-stop solution for your business. The redesigned range includes all of the maintenance and care products used on a day-to-day basis in motor vehicle workshops. And the Human Technology® workshop rack ensures that your team will always have rapid and easy access to all the products they need.

  • Outstanding quality
  • Fast, clean and user friendly
  • Optimum spray pattern
  • Short evaporation time

TUNAP Professional

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The TUNAP Professional Range Sets a New Benchmark in Maintenance

The range includes all the care and cleaning products from rust solvent via greases, silicone oils and interior cleaning agents to brake care products. Application is simple, dosing a snip, the spray optimal in form and ventilation times brief.



Human Technology® 901
Liquid Grease Flow
Human Technology® 904
Interior Comfort
Professional 102
Active Oil