A collage of plastics, filling line of  aerosol sprays and laboratory equipment

Clean High-temperature Lubricants for the Plastics Industry

Lubricants for the Plastics Industry

A variety of processes are used to bring plastic into the desired shape. The machines and systems used are exposed to extreme loads. It must endure enormous forces of hundreds kilonewton and temperatures exceeding 200 ° C. To make sure the machinery operates reliably for a long time, special lubricants are needed that are precisely suited to the tribological demands of specific lubricating points. The thin film lubricant on ejection pins is an example.

TUNAP manufactures a wide range of separating and lubricating agents, cleaning agents and surface protection products making achievement of high shot numbers in the plastic injection molding.

TUNAP products meet the highest requirements, including avoidance of contamination, and greatly contribute to lengthening service life of your machines and systems.